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Using Aperture to Blur the Background, Depth of Field

Using Aperture to Blur the Background

A shallow depth-of-field is a powerful technique used by photographers and videographers, which allows the background (and sometimes foreground) to go soft and blurry while maintaining sharpness on your subject. The benefit of this is that it brings more visual focus to the subject. Learn what you can do to create this soft affect.

SD Card Speeds with Nick Chill

SD Card Speeds and What They Mean

Have you often wondered what the numbers on your SD card mean? Is your camera slowing down when taking multiple photos? Does it take forever for your photos to upload to your computer? You may have a slow memory card…

Photography Tips, Tutorials, and more

My name is Nick Chill, and I would like to welcome you to my new resource for photography tutorials, reviews, and behind-the-lens videos. I will be covering such topics as: digital camera basics, manual photography, studio lighting, photo editing and organization, and...
Lightroom CC Photography Workflow

Adding Lightroom CC to Your Existing Workflow

With Adobe's recent release of Lightroom CC, a lot of photographers are getting a bit confused about what that means for their existing workflow when it comes to Lightroom. Today I want to briefly go over how to incorporate the new cloud-based resources of Lightroom...

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